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Posted on: 22/3/2008

Being the capital of Ha Tinh Province, Ha Tinh City lies at 18018’-18024’ latitude north and 105051’-105056’ longitude east on Highway 1A and borders on Thach Ha, Cam Xuyen and Loc Ha Districts and the East Sea. It is 50km from Vinh City, 350km from Hanoi in the north, 314km from Hue in the south and 12.5km from the East Sea.

 Ha Tinh City has an area of more than 56km2 with 16 administrative units including 10 wards and six communes, a population of 117,546 with a density of 8,153 people per km2 and an abundant labour force of more than 74,000 people.

 It belongs to the northern Central Vietnam economic region under the Political Bureau’s Resolution 39/NQ-TU and functions as a mining and tourist centre for northern Central Vietnam, which provides services in support of the Thach Khe iron mine and Vung Ang steel refining complex.

 Ha Tinh City is expanding to the North and the East to link with other urban areas in the province. The City is divided into the following functional zones:
- Industrial parks: The northern City’s industrial park covers 167ha, the industry-cottage industry-handicraft of Bac Quy covers 10ha and Thach Dong industrial complex of traditional craft villages covers 20ha.
- A system of general and specialized service centres which consists of the administrative centre covers 10ha, the commercial centre on 8ha, the cultural centre covers 2ha, the exhibition and fair centre covers 3ha, the educational, healthcare, greenery and sport centres cover 19ha, the regulating lake and ecological park, a northern Central Vietnam tourist centre, urban, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture areas.
- Communication and transport systems: Highway 1A, provincial roads 17, 9 and 26, the western bypass, the road connecting Cay Town and Thach Dong, the prolonged Nguyen Du road and many inner-city roads, meeting the urban and inter-regional transport needs. As planned, the City will have a railway line linking with the North-South railway, Vung Ang economic zone, a river port (Ho Do), a sea port (Cua Sot) and an airport.
- Water supply and drainage systems: There is a water plant with a capacity of more than 24,000m3/day. The City has implemented a project on improving Central Vietnam’s urban environment with investment capital of
240 billion VND. The water drainage system will be improved so a hygienic and realiable water supply for the public and industrial use will be guaranteed. The water drainage system, with a total length of 66,336km and its main pipes covering 5.9km2, will ensure the area’s efficient drainage.
- Electricity supply system: The whole city has 45km of 10KV lines and 82 transformer stations with a total capacity of 10,300KVA. In the future, the city will upgrade its electricity lines into 22KV lines with a total length of 130.6km, build 96.2km of 22KV lines and 3km of 22KV underground cables, build the 220/110KV Thach Khe station with a capacity of 1x125MVA, the 110/35/22KV Thach Linh station with a capacity of 2x40MVA and the 110/22KV Thach Mon station with a capacity of 2x160MVA.
- Communication, trade-service and finance-banking systems have been invested to meet the city’s development demands.
National defence and security have been constantly enhanced to create a firm foundation for socio-economic development. With favourable geographical conditions, good environment and climate, rich land and labour resources, Ha Tinh City has brought into play its internal strengths to build infrastructure, promote economic, social, cultural, defence and security developments with the most favourable conditions for investment by organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

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